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Aww...bunny! by FireNinja

Too cute!

Art by Niara!

Love it!

Defeating the Bully by Gabrielle

Here's a story from Gabrielle. I like the line about the bully's pink boot heel - very descriptive! Also, I decided to use another lovely piece of art from Mary to illustrate it.

Defeating the Bully
by Gabrielle

"OOF! Eloise fell to the ground dropping her tray of warm gooey macaroni and cheese. "Don't cry this happens all the time." she thought. Eloise got up on her hands and knees gathering up everything. 

No one rushed over to help her up. Finally she stood up and looked at the girl and her crew who had tripped her in the first place. Her names Lola group name the Sassy's. They ruled the school and Eloise had this happen to her all the time. "So Eloise same thing tomorrow I thought so? "Lola put her hands on her hips and snickered. Eloise watched her sashay away her other group members following her like dogs. Suddenly the bell rand DING A LING A DONG.

Eloise looked at her plate of macaroni and sighed. She didn't feel like going over to the lunch lady who would probably sigh and put some kind of fruit plate with 99% of it strawberries and peaches two fruits Eloise despised.  So she tossed her tray in the trash and headed to the bathroom where she tried to get the sticky yellow cheese off her sweater.

Science class- Eloise sat timidly at her desk but jumped up to see a giant wad of gum stuck to the bottom of the chair. It was a note that said "who's the biggest looser of all time dirtier than year old gum stuck to a sidewalk? Eloise!!!!!! Love, LOLA." Signed with a heart. Eloise sighed and her face crumbled. She felt horrible. She wasn't good enough. She smelled. No one liked her.

She knew all this was true because it was told to her by Lola multiple times and everyone ignored what was going on. Tears rolled down her face like a well yet the teacher named Mr. Wells hardly saw anything. He was a tall teacher in his late 30s with brown hair and sandy colored eyes.  "Hello class time for science today we will have partner work." Eloise closed her eyes as everyone chose partners Eloise sighed. She would always end up having to work with an immature boy who never did any work.

She neatly got out her materials and sheet just in case maybe someone would work with her. She twirled her brunette hair around her finger chewing the sides of her nail. None came and Eloise went over to the teacher who was busily grading papers circling the grades in a bunch of circles. "Um I don't have a partner."

Mr. Wells didn't look up but pointed over to Lola's group. Lola twisted her head around toward Mr. Wells swishing her blonde hair with blue highlights. Then a smile came unto her face.  "Let her work with us." Wells smiled and said "Thank you Lola." Eloise slowly walked away from the desk scared. She felt like she was about to be thrown to lions the leader capable of tearing her apart. Eloise slowly tried to sit down but Lola put her pink high heeled boot on the chair "seats taken." Eloise moved over to a seat next to Judy a skinny girl with short hair long enough to shake. "Sorry this seat is taken too." This left one seat at the end of the table. It was rickety and next to the table where nose picking Robert sat.

Lola giggled as Eloise sat down. Robert was picking his nose as usual. The rest of the hour was spent with Eloise being left out in every way. She could hardly get a pencil without her things being knocked to the floor or without getting kicked or punched. By the end of the hour Eloise was ready to go home but she still had one class the only one she liked Home EC.

Eloise quickly rushed over to her seat by the window and watched the birds chitter outside. Ms. Honey a lady in her early 20's with fiery red hair that tumbled down her back entered. She smiled. Even though she looked mean Ms. Honey was nice. "Come in class." The children filed in Home Ec were the only class Lola wasn't in.

Eloise watched Ms. Honey. Today they were learning about the right temp. To cook meat at. Everyone groaned but Eloise. She was quite fascinated with cooking. Sometimes she felt like it was the only thing that dints change. Her mom had left when she was young and her father worked a million jobs to support her brother. 

She watched people yawn. when the class finally ended Eloise decided to walk home so she texted her dad and walked home alone. A slight breeze ran through the air and it smelled fresh like bread.  Eloise hummed under her breath.  It was perfect. Walking made Eloise forget about Lola and her group of bullies.

She was surprised. Bullies she had never thought of that word. She decides to look it up at her house. Suddenly she rammed into someone and fell to the ground. "Ouch sorry." She rubbed her head and looked up. It was a boy. He had dark brown cocoa skin the color of cocoa beans. He smiled and pulled Eloise up to her feet. Thanks. Eloise said blushing. "Welcome. So uh you ok." Eloise nodded. "My name is Stewart." "Mine is Eloise." 

The two shook hands. "So are you from around here?" Stewart asked. Eloise nodded "I go to Kingston you know" Stewart laughed "I go there too." It was awkward for a moment and then he said "I'd better go." "Me too." Eloise ran the rest of the way home. She finally ran up her sloping driveway and burst into the house after using her key to open the door. 

She had to journal about Stewart.  She had just finished writing when her little brother Johnny came in from school. He was running and Eloise went down to meet him. He gave her a huge smile and tackled Eloise in a hug. "How was school?" Johnny frowned and said "I got pushed down today."  Eloise asked "By whom?" He brother explained about a boy and Eloise was sad to find this wasn't the first time. Looked like they both had bullies to conquer.

Weeks went by. Things at school got worse instead of better for Eloise
Monday she got tomato soup dumped in hair by Lola
Tuesday she got pushed off the stage by Lola
Wednesday got notes in her locker with curse words by guess who
Thursday she got her gym bra and shoes stolen from her leaving her uncomfortable (one of Lola's bffs did it) she was snickering too.
Friday she was absent from school. Her stomach hurt and she thought that if she even had to look at Lola she would collapse.
But everyday Eloise saw Stewart on her way home they became friends.
ON the other hand things weren't better for her brother either. On Tuesday he came home holding his eye he would not even look at Eloise. When she finally got him to tell by giving him a fat sugar cookie she was horrified. He had a black eye. What happened was the dude who kept pushing Johnny got mad when Johnny took his purple crayon and he punched Johnny. 

Eloise snatched some peroxide and proceeded to fix her brother's eye she had to do something about this bully. It reminded her how she let Lola control her. She threw away the used things and Google what is a bully. It came up as:
Bully: a person who bees mean to someone repeatedly. Suddenly Eloise heard a knock at the door and saw her dad. He was dressed in a suit and tie. He enwrapped Eloise into a hug. Johnny who was playing jumped up and hugged his dad. "I said I would come visit my 15 year old. I left some meals in the fridge I have been working all day and night. He came in and made a real dinner. As they sat down he said "SO I see Johnny has a black eye."

Eloise frowned and watched Johnny start to explain. Her dad's face fell. "I must go to school and stand up for my son. Now bedtime." As Johnny and his dad disappeared Eloise rinsed the dishes ad thought stand up for me. She had a plan to get rid of Lola the bully.
Eloise ran out of Home Ec class and toward the park where Stewart was waiting. They sat next to each other. "I was thinking maybe we could give Lola a taste of her own medicine by teaming up. We can stand up to her by ourselves. For example when I have my lunch and she is about to trip me you scream loudly "Lola why are you pushing her." And we can defend each other. "Maybe we can even turn her in." Stewart smiled. "I like this Eloise. So we just have to stick by each other." They hi fived and went separate ways.
Lunch- Stewart and Eloise stood next to each other. Lola came over and was about to dump orange juice on Eloise. Suddenly Stewart yelled "Lola is about to dump juice on Eloise." Lola was so startled she held the juice slightly opened over Eloise's' head. The lunch lady tromped over took the juice and said "Lola you know better go eat NOW." Lola stuttered and clamored back to her seat.

Days went by and the threats seemed to finally be settling down. Lola was actually able to relax with Stewart by her side. Lola seemed defeated. That was until one day Stewart was absent. It was a horrible lunch day with the food of Jell-O and soup with hard vegetables. Eloise came to the lunchroom kind of scared trying to avoid Lola who would surely be waiting on her.  Yet she ended up bumping into her. "Watch it little ugly girl." Lola said sashaying away.

Suddenly courage welled up inside and she said "Lola you and your group THINK you own everyone here. You are just insecure and jealous of me." Lola sneered and said "why would I be jealous of you?" Eloise shot back "Because I heard that bullies are always insecure also I heard that your mom and dad divorced." Lola stammered and glared.  Her tray tilted and the soup fell on the floor.

She stepped toward Eloise her heel hit the soup and she slid her books fell and she ended up trying to get everything. Eloise still angry pushed the books to her. Then she walked away.
After school- Joshua ran in and said "Guess what I told the teacher about the bully and he got in trouble!" He smiled a wide toothed smile. Eloise laughed. As she warmed up the night's dinner she had a feeling in her heart that she had done the right thing. Suddenly the doorbell rang it was Stewart. He had a little boy with him.

"I was wondering if you and Johnny would like to visit the park with me."  "Sure." She turned off the oven and went outside. Johnny and the boy got along.

"I heard you stood up to Lola." Stewart said "Yeah." Stewart smiled and said "Looks like someone has hidden courage."

They both laughed. Now Lola was positive she had done the right thing.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Story by Jocelyn with art by Mary

Wow! Great story and I love the pastel art, too!

Chapter one:
Summer's beginning

Summer's in a CRISIS already, and we were just dismissed for Summer break! " Has anyone seen a pink cat bookmark anywhere!? No one!? Awww man. We're already leaving for Summer! " I exclaimed. It reminded me of my BFF, Ananya, already moving away on June 28th, and it was freakin' MAY 22ND!!! Could it get any worse?

Chapter Two:
The ultimate STAYCAY!!!!

Well... since nothing EXCITING is happening in my life currently. I have to stay home, and do this SUMMER WORKBOOK FOR SIXTH GRADERS!!!!!!! I'm only going to 5TH grade, and I'm supposed to be in 4TH grade! I know my standards are high, but the purpose of Summer is to RELAX AND REWIND FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MORE HOME WORK!!! It's not like my life isn't as tough to handle!

But at least there 's two things to cheer me up: Reading the FABULOUS PLS books and going to a sleepover with my cousin. She's like the only one who understands me. :(

Chapter Three:
The Sleepover

" Hey girlie! " is what I first said when I arrived at cousin, Rachel's, house. This is actually the first thing I did this Summer with A TON of fun. Besides emailing Ananya, you know? Who doesn't like talking to their BFF? ( I haven't exactly gotten to the PLS series yet. If you know what I mean.... )

We've been trying to make youtube videos on my cousin's account. We failed miserably because the laptop had horrible quality. Then, we realized we could do videos on my cousin's IPOD! It was too late to make a video. I left for home again before I knew it.

Chapter Four:

June 21st, a horrific/ wondrous day! What makes it wondrous, read chapter title. What makes it horrific, did you keep in mind the date Ananya's moving on!!!????

She's moving in a week!!!!!!!!!! Total Summer crisis!!!!! I cried a little, then sucked it up. I knew I had 3 more BFF's here. 1st, a pair of twins (2nd grade) 2nd, Jackson (3rd grade, no, we are NOT dating).

At least my Mom's B-day party was awesome!

Chapter Five:
Skipping 4th of July to go to an AWESOME wedding!

My Aunt has a wedding, big deal, right? NO! I'm a flower girl, and the wedding's on A BEACH IN CANCUN, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a LUXURIOUS 5 day 4 night stay. There's even a WATER SLIDE in ONE of the THREE pools! There's also a heated exercise pool, and a BAR/ ALL YOU CAN EAT POOL, ALL INCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! Also, there was a JACUZZI IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even got to swim with a DOLPHIN straight in the ocean! after that, I went to an AWESOME water park!

Chapter Six:
Summer wrap-up :(

Well, this is the end of my story. I signed up for violin class for next year, got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, had another sleepover, went to the dentist, and FINALLY got to the last book of PLS series, Girls in Charge. Well, I guess this goodbye :(