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  1. i am so excited to find this blog!!!!!!!!1
    so i wanted to send a poem on this i am glad!!!!!!!!!!
    the aspiring poet

  2. hey i am very happy b/c there is aarea for girls!!!!!1!!

  3. i have written another poem thtas funny chek that!!!!!!!!

  4. I think this a cool website!! Keep up the good work!

  5. I like writing, i submit longer work on another site but this is also very cool. I'll be sharing some short stories when i get the time.:)

  6. Teeth clattering
    Wet clothes
    Trembling hands
    Long drive

    Screaming, laughing, shouting
    Anything to keep us warm
    Talking unstable
    Just to broaden our shoulders

    Wishing for rain
    To feel miserable
    And terrific;all the same
    To complete tonight

    Wet and cold
    Long ride
    Wish for rain
    Forget the morning

    All to complete tonight.

  7. Hey! OMG I'm soooo excited to post stuff on here!! You'll be seeing me soon!

    BTW, I'll be commenting as "Anonymous", but I'll always sign with "Upside Down Banana".


    - Upside Down Banana

  8. Chapter one:
    Summer's beginning

    Summer's in a CRISIS already, and we were just dismissed for Summer break! " Has anyone seen a pink cat bookmark anywhere!? No one!? Awww man. We're already leaving for Summer! " I exclaimed. It reminded me of my BFF, Ananya, already moving away on June 28th, and it was freakin' MAY 22ND!!! Could it get any worse?

    Chapter Two:
    The ultimate STAYCAY!!!!

    Well... since nothing EXCITING is happening in my life currently. I have to stay home, and do this SUMMER WORKBOOK FOR SIXTH GRADERS!!!!!!! I'm only going to 5TH grade, and I'm supposed to be in 4TH grade! I know my standards are high, but the purpose of Summer is to RELAX AND REWIND FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MORE HOME WORK!!! It's not like my life isn't as tough to handle!

    But at least there 's two things to cheer me up: Reading the FABULOUS PLS books and going to a sleepover with my cousin. She's like the only one who understands me. :(

    Chapter Three:
    The Sleepover

    " Hey girlie! " is what I first said when I arrived at cousin, Rachel's, house. This is actually the first thing I did this Summer with A TON of fun. Besides emailing Ananya, you know? Who doesn't like talking to their BFF? ( I haven't exactly gotten to the PLS series yet. If you know what I mean.... )

    We've been trying to make youtube videos on my cousin's account. We failed miserably because the laptop had horrible quality. Then, we realized we could do videos on my cousin's IPOD! It was too late to make a video. I left for home again before I knew it.

    Chapter Four:

    June 21st, a horrific/ wondrous day! What makes it wondrous, read chapter title. What makes it horrific, did you keep in mind the date Ananya's moving on!!!????

    She's moving in a week!!!!!!!!!! Total Summer crisis!!!!! I cried a little, then sucked it up. I knew I had 3 more BFF's here. 1st, a pair of twins (2nd grade) 2nd, Jackson (3rd grade, no, we are NOT dating).

    At least my Mom's B-day party was awesome!

    Chapter Five:
    Skipping 4th of July to go to an AWESOME wedding!

    My Aunt has a wedding, big deal, right? NO! I'm a flower girl, and the wedding's on A BEACH IN CANCUN, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a LUXURIOUS 5 day 4 night stay. There's even a WATER SLIDE in ONE of the THREE pools! There's also a heated exercise pool, and a BAR/ ALL YOU CAN EAT POOL, ALL INCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! Also, there was a JACUZZI IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even got to swim with a DOLPHIN straight in the ocean! after that, I went to an AWESOME water park!

    Chapter Six:
    Summer wrap-up :(

    Well, this is the end of my story. I signed up for violin class for next year, got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, had another sleepover, went to the dentist, and FINALLY got to the last book of PLS series, Girls in Charge. Well, I guess this goodbye :(