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Note: This story has nothing to do with pigs, but Posey likes pigs. Hence her logo. Great story, too!
The Two Vicious "V"s
by Posey
It was two weeks before the pet contest, and Veronica and Venessa were bragging … as usual.
“Veronica, did you finish the five spelling pages?” Venessa asked.
“Of course, I did. Who do you think I am – that weird girl?” Veronica said, a little too loudly.
Emily marched right up to them and said, “That weird girl has a name, you know. Or are you two too buried in your studies?”
(V and V were mean girls, but they got all “A”s.)
“How dare you, weird girl!” Veronica shot back at Emily.
It was time to switch classes and that was their middle school’s very unusual bell. Some schools have a ding-a-ling-sounding bell. Other schools have an electronic sounding BEEP, like on an alarm clock. But they had something altogether different - RING, RING, BANANA PHONE!
“There’s the bell. Got to go!” the two “V”s said in unison.
And just like that, they sashayed off to home room.
“Where were you during study hall?” Emily’s best friend, Kat, asked.
“Oh, nowhere. I was just…” Emily said, her voice trailing off.
“You couldn’t be nowhere,” Kat said, “because all the time you’re somewhere. And-”
“OK, thank you, Kat,” Emily said.
“OK, claaahhhs, settle down,” their teacher, Mrs. Martin, said in her crisp British accent. “Please haaaahhnd in your book reports.”
Before anyone else could react, Veronica and Venessa rushed to the front of the room with their reports in their hands.
“Here you are Mrs. Martin,” the two girls chorused.
Then everyone else handed in their  book reports. Everyone except Emily.
“Did everyone haaaahhnd in their reports?” Mrs. Martin asked.
“Yes,” said the entire class, even Emily.
The rest of the day went by in a flash with the double “V”s taking every opportunity to tease and bully Emily. In other words, like every other day at school – except at the very end of the day. That’s when Mrs. Martin asked Emily to stay behind as everyone else ran out to the buses.
“Sh-sh sure,” Emily said.
Once the class cleared out, Mrs. Martin said, “Emily, I noticed that you didn’t hand in your book report. Do you have anything to say?”
“Mrs. Martin, I am very sorry. I just tend to fall behind and I promise it will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, NEVER happen again.”
“Thaaahhht’s fine, but I know a couple of tutors who would be available three times a week. Whaaaahhht do you say?”
Emily said nothing.
“I’ll ask for only one day a week and I’ll let you sleep on it,” Mrs. Martin said.
“I’ll talk about it with my parents,” Emily said.
When Emily came home, her mother asked, “How was school today?”
“Good,” Emily said, a typical answer for hiding your feelings.
At dinner, Emily only poked at her food and went upstairs early before watching TV.
Emily’s mom was worried about her because earlier that day she had received a phone call from Mrs. Martin.
Emily’s mom knocked on her bedroom door.
She heard a muffled voice said “OK, come in.”
Emily’s mom saw Emily lying on her back facing the ceiling.
“Honey, I just want to talk about school.”
“I already said it was fine, OK?”
“Well, I got an phone call from Mrs. Mar-“
Emily’s tears interrupted her.
“Mom, I really don’t want to get a tutor,” Emily sobbed.
“Honey, Mrs. Martin said you admitted that you tend to fall behind. I think it might be best.”
“Maaaaahhhm,” Emily whined.
“Honey, I just want you to understand that I’ll be right down the hall if you want to talk. Now, get some sleep. See you in the morning and don’t let the bedbugs bite.”
Emily’s mom left and Emily fell fast asleep.
In the morning, Emily asked her mom if she was getting a tutor.
“You can tell Mrs. Martin to call us and I’ll talk to her about it, all right?” Emily’s mom said.
Emily walked to study hall that morning and found her place next to Kat.
“I called you after school and your mom said you weren’t home yet. What’s going on?” Kat said. “Be straight with me. No more “I’ll tell you laters.”
“Kat, this is really embarrassing and well-“
Kat cut her off, saying “We’re best friends, right? We’ve known each other for 12 years. I tell you everything, and you’ve told me everything, up until now. If you don’t tell me, there will be a chance of breaking up even if it’s something super, duper, luper, kuper, tuper, nuper embarrassing. Really, tell me please!”
“OK,” Emily said, “But can we go somewhere, um, you know, well … more private?”
Kat and Emily went to the girls’ restroom and Emily started, “Ever since I entered the pet contest, Veronica and Venessa have been bullying me sooooooo much. Also, since my new baby brother was born, I feel like there’s no one I can talk to at home. On top of that, I haven’t finished my book report and Mrs. Martin thinks I need a tutor but I signed up for soccer on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. So is there anything I missed … um, oh yeah, Mr. Lyn is being so mean to me in math. He said I was a slow poke. I thought teachers were supposed to help you!
“Wow,” Kat said, “I-I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize how much you were dealing with. I mean-”
“Thanks” Emily said.
“Thanks for what?” Kat asked.
“That felt really good to be able to tell all about my worries, troubles, and burdens. Just to get it out.”
“Let’s go,” Kat said, and they walked together to Mrs. Martin’s class
“Emily, did you talk about it with your parents?” Mrs. Martin asked.
“They said for you to call them and talk about it,” Emily said.
The class was abuzz. People were getting up for all different reasons: to feed the fish, to feed the hamster, to do the attendance sheet, or answer the phone.
 “Settle down, settle down, settle down,” Mrs. Martin told the noisy class.
“Let’s get started. First, get out your homework so that I can check it. This time, I’ll start with Veronica and Venessa’s table.”
It was the sound that no one didn’t know: the sound of the two girls’ hands high-fiveing.
Next up was Math. “Good morning, slow poke,” was what she expected, but Mr. Lyn was calmly sitting on his desk with his blue folder out on his lap.
Now, everyone knows Mr. Lyn color codes his folders and everyone knows that his blue folder means test.
“Take your seats, everyone,” Mr. Lyn said. “Quickly, quickly, I want to get started.”
Mr. Lyn started handing out papers.
“This test is a 30-minute timed test. You may write “DK” for “don’t know” if you’re not sure. Your test begins … right now!”

A couple of days later Mr. Lyn handed the tests back and Emily almost burst out crying when she saw that she got none right. Ten days before the pet contest Emily talked to Kat, “Kat I really need you help today. I want my husky to win first place in the contest. All I need you to do is bring over everything you have- wigs, dresses, ties, tuxedos- everything!”
“Kay, I’ll be right over, but when you say everything, do you mean like even my couch?”
“What do you think, Kat? Stop being a smart aleck.”
You see, Kat’s mom makes clothes for animals and she had some old husky mannequins and really good cloth.When Kat arrived they got right to work and didn’t waste a minute. Snip, snip, cut, cut, trim, trim- that’s all you could hear behind Emily’s closed bedroom door.
“Knock, Knock!”
“Come in- what is it?” Emily said with agitation in her voice.
“It’s just me,” her mom defended as she stepped into the room. “Mrs. Martin called and we just confirmed it every Thursday afternoon for one hour after school.”
“Whatevs. I don’t care,” mumbled Emily as her mom retreated.
“You’re really getting a tutor?” Kat asked.
“Yeah- it’s arranged, so there is no way I am getting out of it.”
By the end of the afternoon, Emily and Kat had made a super cute outfit that looked fabulous on Coco, Emily’s husky. But the costuming had to wait- for the rest of the week, Emily met four different tutors. On the first day, a boy came and obviously never had grammar lessons walked in and said “Okay like lets like get like to like work like do like you like know like what like two like plus like one like is like? Because like I’ve like heard like that like you like are like stupid.” On day two, it was a tall blond girl with a stack of math worksheets who strode in with a sour look on her face, she dumped the worksheets in front of Emily and said “GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!” Day three turned up an all-black clad kid playing a weepy violin. Finally, on the fourth day, a really nice girl arrived.
“OK, so let’s get started,” she said as she tossed an overflowing book bag onto the library table. “What do you think is the hardest subject for you?”
“Probably math,” Emily replied. 
 “Oh, I love math…”
“How can you love math when Mr. Lyn is constantly calling you a slow poke?”
“You have Mr. Lyn? He’s my favorite teacher. Plus, here’s a tip: the best way to do something is to do it when you love it.”
BUZZ!! It was the library door, and who walked in? None other than V and V. Emily ran behind a bookshelf quickly dodging the two Vs. Emily spent much of their time hiding, getting nothing done, and forcing her new tutor Jane to follow her into the fiction section.
“Come on; I promise there is nothing to be afraid of.” But just as she uttered these reassuring words to Emily, the two Vs rounded the corner into their aisle.
“OMG! Venessa, come over here! It’s book buddy time. Or even better,” she went on, “it’s tutor time!”
“HA HA HA. Very funny. Be mean and sassy again, and I’ll report you and you’ll get into big trouble!” Jane was a small girl, but at that moment she sounded big.
“You’re too little to report us.” Veronica tried to sound like she wasn’t worried, but there was doubt in her voice.
“Oh yeah? Well guess what: I’m in eighth grade. You are only in sixth - there’s a big difference.”
The two girls backed up slowly and ran out of the library. “See, I told you there was nothing to be afraid of.”
After long days of people picking on her, Emily was so glad when the day of the pet contest finally arrived.
She wore a new outfit that matched Coco’s: a neon green dress and a neon blue shrug and platform heels. Kat wore a blue dress, a green shrug, and green platform heels. Her outfit matched her Doberman Marshmallow’s costume.
The auditorium was packed. Every group did their dance and everyone did a great job.
“Now for the prizes!” One judge boomed out after everyone had performed. He handed out prizes one by one: cutest, smallest, biggest, craziest and on and on until he was ready to announce the grand prize.
“And Top Dog goes to… no one!” the shocked audience listened as he went on to explain, “no one really knocked our socks off, but to make up for that, we’ve come up with a new prize: The Best Loved Animal! And this goes to Emily and Kat with their loving animals Coco and Marshmallow.” One lone sound echoed through the auditorium: CLAP it was the sound that no one didn’t know: the sound of two girl’s hands high-fiving. And at that very moment, in a land far away, some high-tech technology made a pig fly. (And that’s the truth.)
Everyone lived beter than ever . Emily mastered math, Kat turned out to be a great violinist, and Veronica and Vanessa never bullied again!
Sorry to say but it’s …
Hope you enjoyed the story


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