Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angel's Miracle by Maia

Note: Maia wrote a moving story about a baby girl. She also was brave and was the first girl to read her work at the workshop reading for parents!    
Angel’s Miracle
by Maia 
          “Henry, wake up we got to run to the hospital your mom’s having the baby,” shouted my dad
          I looked at the clock it was 4:53 am. I dragged myself out of my bed.
          “Dad…is it a boy tell me please!”
         “Henry, that is a question that cannot be answered until we see the baby - it’s a surprise. Go grab something to eat out of the pantry. We have got to hurry. Now.”
         When we were in the car going to the hospital, there was dead silence. Finally, when we got to the front doors of the hospital, Mom quickly waddled to the front desk while my dad was sprinting behind.
        “We need to get to the ER my wife’s having her baby!” he yelled.
        My mom and dad were in the ER while some nurse started asking me a load of questions. How in the world would you be able to answer about 13 questions at 5:16 am?!!!
                3 hours later
My dad shook me awake.
“Henry. Wake up Henry……
“What” I said sleepily. I got up and started running toward room 206.
“Is it a boy?!!!”
“Henry, wait. It’s a surprise.”
A Month Later
“Valerie” shouted my dad
“What Michael, I am burping baby Angel.”
“Mom, why is Angel a girl? Why can’t she just be a boy? It’s so annoying why is she so sick.”
“Henry, she is 6 weeks too early and she hasn’t fully developed.”
“Mom, you say that every time.” 
I ran outside to my new neighbor Amy.
“Hi, Amy” I said, “Angel is so sick and…”
“Can I see her, can I see her?” asked Amy”
“She’s uh, yeah sure, one second.”
I went into the house and heard my dad screaming “Valerie… she stopped breathing Val!” My mom was running up the stairs.
“Get In the car, Michael!”
“Henry! We need you to go to Amy’s now! We’ll call you in a bit!!” Mom yelled to me as they were driving away.
“Amy” I yelled
“Yeah” she said.
“Uh, can I stay with you for a while my mom and dad run to the hospital? Angel stopped breathing.” I said, with a sigh.
“Oh my gosh, Will she be OK?” Amy asked.
“Yeah, I think so…they said they’d call me in a bit” I said.
“Henry, uh, you can stay as long as you need. I hope Angel’s OK.”
We walked into Amy’s house. It was very modern and weird looking. All different shapes, but only black and white, with a lot of pictures of a man.
“Amy, who is this?” I pointed to the picture of her and the man with three other kids.
“He’s my Dad. He died three years ago, and those kids are my brothers and sisters. They’re at their friends’ house. Maybe you can meet them tomorrow.”
“And you can meet my sister, Angel, as soon as she’s OK,” I said with worry in my voice.
Amy’s Mom was at the kitchen counter. Her house was so big.
“Hi Henry. How are you?”
“I’m OK. I guess.”
“What happened?” she answered. Amy whispered something in her ear, probably about my sister.
“Henry,” she said. “I hope Angel is OK and you definitely can stay as long as you need.”
“Thanks,” I said.
We walked around Amy’s house.
“And this is my room.” Amy said.
It was big with a wall full of windows. There was one mirror on the other wall. She had a really big room: a lot nicer than mine.
“Your Mom’s pretty nice,” I said.
                The Next Day
I woke up to the phone ringing. I realized where I was. I was at Amy’s house, hoping it was my Dad, but of course it wasn’t. It was a phone company. But five minutes later, the phone rang again. This time it was actually my Dad. He said that Angel was fine, but she would need surgery the next day.
My Dad and I were heading to the hospital to see Angel. She had a lot of tubes and wires stuck to her chest. She wasn’t OK. She wasn’t doing fine. I tried to go in the room where she was, but my Mom told me I wasn’t allowed to. My Dad and I stayed a couple of hours more.
Finally, we went home, ordered out Chinese. Me and my Dad didn’t go to sleep until 1. The entire night we watched movies and just laughed since we hadn’t had a laugh since Angel was born.
That morning we went to the hospital again. My Mom said that she had a dream that some sort of invisible person was trying to pick the baby and just hold her. She said she tried to get out of bed, but she couldn’t. Angel was just looking at the person, laughing and smiling.
A little later on, I was wandering around the hospital, seeing all different patients. Doctors were running in the opposite direction, saying “Hurry! Go to room 206! Code red!”
Angel had stopped breathing again. When I got to the room, they were wheeling out Angel in her incubator.
“Dad! Mom! What happened?” I yelled.
“Henry, the doctors decided that Angel will have to have an open-heart surgery,” Mom sobbed. Her face was full of tears.
That afternoon, we all waited for hours during the surgery. My Mom said that I should call Amy, since she and her mom were probably worried.
I called Amy and told her everything. And she told me everything would be OK. Then she put her mom on. It was kind of awkward, but eventually my Mom started to talk to her while we were discussing hospital food.
When we came back up, Mom was off the phone, laying in bed. We ate dinner, went to sleep and were woken up in the middle of the night by a nurse coming in to bring Angel back to us. Her heart was beating normally. We heard the monitor going up and down. Up and down.
But later we woke up to the sound of no monitor. It had stopped! She was gone! We were all hysterically crying and hugging. About three minutes later, we were still crying.
Suddenly, we heard the monitor wildly beeping.
Mountains were appearing on the screen. She was OK!
We were all still crying, but happy crying! She was OK! Maybe my Mom’s dream was real! Later that day we took Angel home, and finally Amy got to see her everything had turned out OK.
Thank you invisible person you are an Angel who saved our Angel!


  1. RemakingabravermeMarch 2, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    Nice! I like your story alot. I love the way you write One Hour Later, One Month later, and so forth. Its really cool!

  2. Omg that is an AWESOME story!! Keep writing I would love to read more!! :-)

  3. I wasnt sure Angle was going to make it! Great job I love how it was hard to guess the ending, I wanted to keep reading. Keep writing! :D

  4. Wow! It's so suspenseful!


  5. cutiepie4eversophieMarch 6, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    wow cool story

  6. Is is a real story?